Your Aquarius Factors and Your 1999 Flashback

Find Out How the Stars And Planets Movement. Why the Western world’s been fancying the conventional Zodiac system, hence the one created further east – believed to be originally a creation of the Egyptians, later on adopted by the Babylonians and then historically spread across the rest of the ancient world.

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Anyways, as it turns out to come as a huge surprise to almost everyone who hears it – there is actually a whole other set of Zodiac signs originating from…Europe!

Yet., strangely arguably no one in Europe remembers, not to mention uses it these days.

However, this Celtic analog of the Eastern Astrological Zodiac’s been around for almost as long.

Also splitting the year into 12 months of roughly the same length, it has its Celtic animal counterparts to every other Zodiac sign

Funnily, the meanings of those compared back to back (or rather month to month) seem to be quite similar.

But, as Arthur C. Clarke have brilliantly put it once:

I don’t believe in astrology; I’m a Sagittarius and we’re skeptical.Adma Smith

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